pntfx - Building Bridges between Mathematical Concepts

Mathematics is not about isolated formulae but about understanding concepts and connections. In pntfx ('bridge-builder' (pons + facere)), we focus on this network of mathematics!

Start now!

How to build bridges

Learn mathematics

An unfamiliar concept appears and you want to refresh the related mathematics knowledge? Then start with a term and discover possibly hidden connections to already known topics thereby building on your previous knowledge!

Use videos

In each topic, you find a suitable video that explains the concept and helps you to build bridges.

Use our notes

For each topic, you find summaries, the formal definitions, and examples that can guide you on your journey.

Search for topics

Use the integrated search bar to find the exact topic you are struggling with or are interested in.

Use our network

Each topic is embedded in the rich network of mathematics and visualized by a graph. You can use it to find the requirements you need in order to understand the topic you searched for.

Learn with WeBWorK

We included suitable electronic exercises for each topic. They can show you if you have really understood the concept.